A night at Cbeebies Land Hotel!

  When I first suggested taking Lola to Cbeebies Land in Alton Towers, my big kid husband was straight online looking at tickets (ahem…prices) and with the help of the AA app, we’d bagged ourselves half price tickets into the park and set a date to head ‘up norrrf’. Alton Towers is quite far away and […]

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Mum guilt is a thing!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mum guilt is a Thing… ⭐️⭐️⭐️ It can strike anywhere, any time and for pretty much any reason…yup, mum guilt. I’d heard people bouncing those two words around before I had Lola but I didn’t pay much attention and most definitely didn’t understand how often or easily mum guilt can set in. Motherhood includes […]

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Don’t chase me Casey…

It’s 7.15pm on Saturday evening and I’m sitting on the living room floor in my pj’s googling a sodding runaway chimp who won’t run away🙈 People, this is ‘Chase me Casey’. The clues in the name. Your (not me, Lola fyi) meant to chase him around the room. There’s a bit of singing going on, […]

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Liebster Award!

With all the lunches and learning this week I haven’t had time to write any ‘proper’ blogs and for that, I’m sorry! I’m also sorry to the beautiful Anna at MyMagicalMotherhood as she awarded this nomination last week (or was it the week before?!) and I’ve taken way too long to respond. You can read […]

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We survived soft play!

Soft play! It might smell funky in places, the tables are a little bit sticky and the bottom of the ball pool questionable ~ but Lola loved her first trip to our local soft play! All I can say is thank god she’s way too little to join in with the mayhem going on over […]

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Babymonitorphobia is a thing….

Baby monitors. Anyone else scared of the bloody things?? Here’s the thing…..Either I have a very vivid imagination or there are people/ monsters/ ghosts living in Lola’s room. They only come out at night and when hubs isn’t here and I hear them moving around her room through the monitor. Recently my ‘fear’ has become […]

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Happy 1/2 Birthday baby girl!

To my beautiful Lola, Happy half-birthday baby girl! Only 26 weeks ago you were a tiny scrunched up little newborn who didn’t really do much except eat and sleep. Now, you’re a very chatty, very bouncy baby girl who is getting more and more independent by the day….time definitely does fly when you’re having fun! […]

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