Breast..? Formula..? Combi..? ~ YOU decide.

Throughout pregnancy/ motherhood there’s a million and one subjects discussed openly, honestly and without much debate or arguement. Except one…..feeding.
For some reason, the topic of breast/ formula/ combi feeding is taboo and can cause grown fully grown adults to behave like absolute chimps.

To be totally honest I don’t quite understand why?
When did it become anyone else’s business how a mother chooses to feed her child?

I’m a mum who chose to formula feed.
That doesn’t mean I’ve got any issues with breastfeeding or anyone who chooses to do it. I take my hat off to them ~ the majority of my mummy friends breastfeed and it’s bloody hard work!
I support any mum 100% and in no way does it bother me if someone pops a boob out (discreetly or not) mid conversation when their baby needs feeding. The thing that really does bother me though is sometimes other mums and strangers can be so cruel.

Before Lola was even born, many tears had been shed because of other people’s opinion on my decision to formula feed. A few people even tried to force their opinion about breast feeding onto me and, to put it bluntly it felt like I was being bullied into something I didn’t want to do. I’m always open to advise and will willingly discuss things but this was peer pressure at its best.
I had already started doubting my ability as a mum and life with Lola hadn’t even started yet.

I know some of my breastfeeding friends have had difficulties of their own. Some feel uncomfortable or awkward to feed in public because at one time or another they have received negative or discouraging comments or looks from complete strangers. A few have even resorted to feeding their babies in the car or a public toilet to avoid any unwanted attention or embarrassment.

I guess my point is, no matter if you choose breast, bottle or combi feeding there will always be judgement. But the saddest part of all is that most judgement is from other mums. Surely, mums should be standing together and supporting one another no matter what their parenting choices? Mummyhood is hard enough as it is!

So I think we should forget what anyone else thinks and do what feels right for you and your baby. Get that boob out, get that bottle out and be proud of how YOU decide feed your baby ~ but support the woman next to you in her choices too.



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